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  • Cabornal


    Boron: 2%

    Calcium : 7%

    This product is specially formulated with EDTA chelated calcium and boron to prevent blossom end rot. Foliar application before and during flowering will improve fruit setting. It can be applied together with pesticides to strengthen the cell wall, hence increasing the plant's resistance against diseases. Calcium and boron used together will enhance uptake of calcium by the plants.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Cereal Formula

    Liquid Fertilizer For Foliar Application. It is specific for cereal crops (maize, wheat, rice, etc.). It stimulates growth, encourages photosynthesis, positively affects flowering and setting thus ensuring abundant crop yields.

    Composition :

    3 % nitrogen organic (out of 3 %)

    2,7 % nitrogen organic soluble in water

    0,2 % copper soluble in water

    1 % manganese soluble in water

    2 % zinc soluble in water

    10 % carbon organic of biological origin

    Packing Available:

    250ml, 500ml,1L,5L, 20L

  • Edtamag 6

    This product contains water soluble magnesium in EDTA chelated form which provides magnesium nutrient for better photosynthesis and enzymatic reactions. Regular use will prevent magnesium deficiency symptom on old leaves. It is suitable for hydroponics, foliar and direct soil application.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Fast Rooter

    Fast –Rooter is a fertilizer and biostimulant that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and in addition, biostimulant components. Its application is recommended to promote root growth in any crop, especially in seedlings, saplings and cuttings.

    Composition (weight/weight):

    Nitrogen (N): 5%

    Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5): 6%

    Potassium Oxide (K2O): 4%

    Free amino acids: 2%

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Humiboost

    • A stable and efficient humic substance, extracted from European leonardite

    • Fully water soluble

    • Applicable via all irrigation systems and usable for soil injection

    • Increases the plant available nutrients in the root zone, notably Phosphates

    • Positively influences the general uptake of nutrients and reduces leaching of Nitrogen

    • Compatible with most water soluble fertilizers

    HUMI BOOST is a concentrated, soluble source of potassium humate, extracted from European leonardite. The product is stable and efficient. The crystal-like granules ensure a highly soluble product, which makes the product ideal for all type of fertigation systems as well as soil injection.

    As a soil conditioner, HUMI BOOST will improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil around the drippers, exactly in the area where you have the highest concentration of roots.

    HUMI BOOST allows positive evolution of the soil, facilitating the availability of nutrients for the crop. As a result it increases the level of plant available phosphor, especially in calcareous soils which are low on organic matter. Next to that, HUMIBOOST improves the general uptake of nutrients and reduces loss of nutrients which are sensitive to leaching.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Maxifert

    Element W / W

    Total Nitrogen (N) 1,30 %

    Water soluble Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) 0,57 %

    Water soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 1,40 %

    Copper (Cu) 0,10 %

    Calcium (Ca) 0,50 %

    Magnesium (MgO) 0,50 %

    Gibberellins 130 mg/l.

    Auxins and Forerunners 238 mg/l.

    Furthermore, it contains other constituents as vegetal amino acids, group B vitamins, micronutrients, fulvic and humic acids.

    Empowering of root system’s formation and growth.

    Empowering of seeds and buds germination.

    It increases fertilizing and fruit setting.

    It favours the formation of fats, polysaccharides, proteins, sucrose, …

    It helps to leaves and fruits growth, making them meatier and with a better quality and size.

    It improves preservation of fruits, leaves and flowers (cut flower).

    This product favours the general health of plants, making them stronger against crop pests and diseases.

    Main function of this product is stimulating physiological development of plants. Even it contains fertilizing elements, it hasn’t been designed for fertilizing by itself, and then, we deeply advise to apply it together with a foliar fertilizer.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Potassium Humate 90


    Humic Acid: 60%

    Potassium Oxide : 10%

    Water Solubility : 90%

    Potassium Humate increases the holding capacity or retention ability of the soil for holding water with extended use b

    Potassium Humate increases the efficacy of fertilizer, by preventing excessive leaching away from the root zone and ultimately releasing it to the root zone as needed

    Potassium Humate helps to reduce soil erosion by increasing cohesive forces of very fine soil particles

    Potassium Humate changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, consistency, and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree as the organic matter increases

    Potassium Humate increases the permeability of plant membranes, enhancing the uptake of nutrients more efficiently

    Potassium Humate improves the soil environment to it’s optimum, which is needed for the uninterrupted growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms.

    Buffers pH problems, allowing plants to adapt better, until the pH can be corrected.

    Decreases stress deterioration, until it can be corrected.

    Increases the germination capacity of seed via the improved CEC levels of the soil.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Vigor Boost

    VIGOR BOOST is a liquid biostimulant from vegetal origin designed to improve flowering and increase fruit setting rate. HYPER GROW also presents a high concentration of free L-amino acids and organic matter.

    • Increases flowering and improves fruit setting

    • Fosters pollen development and quality, in addition to pollination.

    • Prevents and recovers the crop from stress caused by flowering and curdling (extreme temperatures, high humidity differences, exogen hormones application, etc.)

    • Increases plants vigor

    • Avoids physiological fruits drop in crops where it is a problem

    • Avoids deficiencies preventing adequate flowering

    Packaging :

    500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Zinfert Edta 12


    Zn (EDTA) - 12.0%

    ZINFERT EDTA 12 used to recover or to prevent the major micronutrient deficiencies in all field and horticultural crops. This is a free flowering crystalline powder with 12% Zinc. In this product the Zinc is chelated by a chelating agent EDTA (Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid). The product is recommended for soil application as well as for foliar application.

    The Zinc deficiencies are always reported on horticultural crops like pomegranate, grapes, mango and other horticultural crops. The Zinc EDTA through soil application as well as through foliar application is useful to correct or prevent the Zinc deficiencies. It is useful for uniform sprouting as well as uniform vegetative growth. This product is very well suited for soils ranging from pH 5.0 to 10.0.

    Application Schedule:

    0.5 to 1.0 gm/lit of water from vegetative state to fruit development stage through Spray and 1 to 2kg for Soil Application.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg