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  • Hyper Grow


    HYPER GROW is a liquid biostimulant from vegetal origin designed to improve flowering and increase fruit setting rate.

    HYPER GROW also presents a high concentration of free L-amino acids and organic matter. Increases flowering and improves fruit setting

    Fosters pollen development and quality, in addition to pollination.

    Prevents and recovers the crop from stress caused by flowering and curdling (extreme temperatures, high humidity differences, exogen hormones application, etc.)

    Increases plants vigor

    Avoids physiological fruits drop in crops where it is a problem

    Avoids deficiencies preventing adequate flowering

    Packaging :

    500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Acto Grow 10

    ACTO GROW 10


    Manganese 10.0% w/w

    Zinc* 10.0% w/w (Mn+Zn LPCA complex)

    Sulphur *all water soluble

  • ACTO GROW 4.5


    Manganese 4.5% w/w

    Zinc 4.5% w/w (LPCA complex)



    Humic acid

    all water soluble

    Packing Available:

    250ml, 500ml,1L,5L, 20L

  • Acto Micro 7



    (Cu 1.36%, Zn 0.48%, Mn 1.36%, Fe 2.68%, B 0.7%, Mo 0.02%, MgO 3.2%)

    Some intensively cultivated crops exhibit multiple deficiency symptoms. This product is specially

    formulated to contain 7 types of micronutrients to provide the various nutrients at one go.

    The nutrients are in chelated and water soluble form for easy assimilation by plants. It may be applied as foliar or direct soil application.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Actocal Edta 10%


    This product contains water soluble calcium in EDTA chelated form which provides calcium nutrient essential for plant growth.

    Regular use will prevent calcium deficiency observed in crops. This high quality product can be used in fertigation system, foliar spray or direct soil application to provide calcium to crops.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Actocop 12

    ACTOCOP 12


    Total Copper 12.1% w/w, (Copper* 11.6% w/w + Copper* 0.5% w/w chelated with EDTA, (Copper LPCA complex) *all water soluble

    Copper is essential for several plant enzyme systems related to photosynthesis. It is part of the chloroplast

    protein plastocyanin, which is part of the electron transport chain. Copper has a function in the synthesis and/or stability of chlorophyll and other plant pigments.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Actofer 11% Dtpa


    High quality Iron Chelate FE 11% DTPA

    Plants need iron to produce chlorophyll and to activate several enzymes, especially those involved in the oxidation/reduction processes of photosynthesis and respiration.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Acton Growmix



    Nitrogen 2.0%

    Calcium 5.60%

    Sulphur 8.12%

    Boron 0.50%

    Copper 1.0

    Iron 7.0%

    Manganese 3.0%

    Molybdenum 0.02%

    Zinc 2.0%

    Humic Acid varaiable

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Amino Grow


    AMINOGROW contains 19 essential L- amino acids which stimulates the plant metabolism, and increases its natural resistance to various stress situations.

    AMINOGROW has been developed with synthesised free amino acids and oligo peptides of low molecular weight obtained through synthesis from vegetal origin.

    Therefore it is free from impurities and heavy metals.

    The pure and free amino acids are biologically active and stimulate the physiological process of the plant’s cell. Due to the highly penetrative properties of AMINOGROW, its absorption is very rapid (90% within 7 hours). It penetrates directly into the cells of the plant by its own biochemical means.

    Its absorption does not tax the plant’s energy resources. Consequently AMINOGROW provides stress relief to plants.

    Packing :

    500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L



    A Liquid organic biostimulant for revitalization of plants suffering from stress as well as for maintenance and improvement of pesticide efficacy. Rich in seaweed Extracts, PGR as IBAm Potassium and Alginic Acid. Usage Rates: 50-100ml/ HL.

    Packing :

    250 ml, 500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Borgrow 8

    BORGROW 8 is totally water soluble. It is recommended to prevent and correct boron deficiencies in crops, especailly in conditions where boron is mostly in forms not available for plants and in the crops more susceptible to its deficiencies.

    Functions of boron

    Some of the main functions of boron in plants are its role as structural stabilizer of cell membranes, and its role stimulating protectors of indolacetic acid (IAA).

    IAA is the main auxin in plants that affects many physiological processes, such as shoot growth,

    flowering and fruit development.

    Effects of boron deficiencies

    Some of the main effects produced by boron deficiencies in crops are higher susceptibility to environmental stress, diseases and pests; lower plant development, lower root growth, root anomalies, chlorosis in leaves, lower activity of leaves buds, lower production of pollen, pollen anomalies, abortion of fertilized ovules, premature flower drop, lower quality of fruits and fruit physiopathies.

    Soils susceptible to deficiencies

    Boron is mostly in not available forms for plant uptake especially in soils with very coarse texture intensively leached, soils with high pH (pH>7), calcareous soils (with more than 15% of calcium carbonate) and soils where calcareous amendments were applied recently.

    Crops susceptible to deficiencies

    Some of the crops more susceptible to boron deficiencies are corn, alfalfa, sunflower, cotton, rapeseed, vineyard, olive, apple, sugarbeet, linseed, tomato, cauliflower, broccoli and carrot.

    In addition, there are other many crops that can be affected by deficiencies of this element.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Boromol


    A concentrated liquid, Boron and Molybdenum formulation with biostimulant effect

    Innovative, unique foliar solution combining mineral nutrition and biostimulation

    Contains a high level of concentrated seaweed extract, derived from a cold extraction and concentration process

    Extremely efficient in the uptake of nutrients to overcome and/or treat deficiencies

    Increases plant resistance to abiotic-stress

    Soft for the leaf tissue and therewith safe to use even at higher concentrations

    Stimulates general plant performance

    Environment friendly and easy to use

    Specifically developed to prevent or correct Boron and Molybdenum deficiency

    Packing Available:

    250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

  • Fe-Eddha 6

    Fe-EDDHA 6

    Fe EDDHA is the source of Iron. Iron is a micronutrient which is required for plant growth and without which the disorders like iron colorists occurs which results in reduction in yields.

    EDDHA is a chelating agent which is a short form of Ethylenedianin-di-(o-hydroxiphenytacetic) acid. Iron is chelated with the chelating agent EDDHA. Fe (EDDHA) contents 6% Fe with pH value 7-8.

    Fe EDDHA is recommended for soil application micro nutrients either through drip or through drenching. For preventive treatment the lower application rates are sufficient while to correct the deficiencies, the higher rates are recommended. This product is recommended on wide Ph range from 4.0 to 12.0.

    Time of application:

    • In the vegetative stage

    • At flowering stage


    • Useful for soils deficient in iron.

    • Useful in calcareous soils wherein iron deficiencies are more common.

    • Useful to correct or to prevent iron clorosis in plants.

    • Useful for grapes, pomegranate, roses, oranges, gerbera, carnation, tomato, sugarcane, mango,etc.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Acto Edta Cu 14%

    ACTO EDTA Cu 14%

    This product contains water soluble copper in EDTA chelated form which provides copper nutrient essential for plant growth. Regular use will prevent copper deficiency symptom.

    It can be applied in fertigation nutrient solution, foliar spray to leaves or direct soil application to root zone. Problem of 'peat yellow' in oil palm on peat soil can be overcome by this product.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Grow Bloom


    An organic blend of humic and amino acids, North Atlantic kelp extract, natural sugars, vitamins and other organic compounds.

    The organic nutrients in GROW BLOOM improve soil structure, rooting and the uptake of N-P-K and minor elements.

    Packing :

    500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Grow Weed


    GROW WEED is a seaweed fertilizer which promotes cell division and chlorophyll synthesis. It also enhances the resistance of plants to stress, increases yield and improves quality of the harvest.

    Promotes cell division and chlorophyll synthesis.

    Enhances the stress resistance of plants.

    Increases yield and improves the quality of the harvest.

    Packing :

    500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Growth Formula



    Boron 0.8%

    Copper 1.6%

    Iron 3.3%

    Manganese 1.6%

    Molybdenum 0.03%


    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg

  • Iron 13.2 Edta

    ACTO EDTA Fe 13.2%

    This product contains water soluble iron in EDTA chelated form which provides iron nutrient essential for plant growth. Its use will prevent iron deficiency and it is suitable for hydroponics, foliar or direct soil application for soil pH below 6.5.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg



    Plant Growth biostimulant with amino acids, TE and PGRS. VIGOR BOOST contains amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, Boron and molybdenum, in addition to PGRs, Vitamins and chelated Trace elements.

    Usage Rates: 70-100ml/ HL.

    Packing available:

    250ml, 500ml, 1L , 5L , 20L

  • Potasol 50

    POTASOL 50

    The foliar product POTASOL 50 Liquid is a highly concentrated potassium source.

    Through the use of POTASOL 50, the increased availability of potassium will result in a higher drought tolerance.

    Potassium assists in regulating the plants use of water by controlling the opening and closing of leaf stomata. The increased potassium will also promote the translocation of sugars for plant growth or for storage in the fruits or roots.

    The application of POTASOL 50 and the increased potassium level will also improve the plants’ resistance towards diseases as well as fruit quality, colour and shelf life.

    Although mainly used for foliar application, POTASOL 50 is also suitable for fertigation purposes.


    • High concentration of Potassium in liquid form

    • Potassium source which will be taken up quickly and will easily translocate in the plant

    • Increases the plants’ resistance to drought

    • Improves the fruits shelf life as well as general quality and colour

    • Short dry period required after application

    • For foliar and fertigation fertilizers

    Packing Available:

    250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

  • Potassium Humate 80



    Humic Acid: 70%

    Potassium Oxide : 10%

    Water Solubility : 80%

    Potassium Humate increases the holding capacity or retention ability of the soil for holding water with

    extended use b

    Potassium Humate increases the efficacy of fertilizer, by preventing excessive leaching away from the root zone and ultimately releasing it to the root zone as needed

    Potassium Humate helps to reduce soil erosion by increasing cohesive forces of very fine soil particles

    Potassium Humate changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, consistency, and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree as the organic matter increases

    Potassium Humate increases the permeability of plant membranes, enhancing the uptake of nutrients more efficiently

    Potassium Humate improves the soil environment to it’s optimum, which is needed for the uninterrupted growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms.

    Buffers pH problems, allowing plants to adapt better, until the pH can be corrected.

    Decreases stress deterioration, until it can be corrected.

    Increases the germination capacity of seed via the improved CEC levels of the soil.

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg


    Composition (weight/weight)

    Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5 ): 32% Potassium Oxide (K2O ): 32%

    Boron(B): 3% Molybdneum (Mo): 2.5%

    In addition to Seaweed Extracts, Amino Acids, Vitamins, PGRs related to flowering and fruit set.

    Revolution is a fertilizer with a high level of phosphorus and biostimulant components. It is recommended in the stage of flowering to improve the setting of fruits and in the stage of fruits development to improve their size, weight and quality.

    Apply Revolution on crop leaves at rates of 75 gm/HL in horticultural crops, citrus and fruit trees; and at rates of 70 to 100 gm/HL in tropical crops such as mango, avocado and kiwi. Apply it throught drip irrigation systems at rates of 100 to 150 gm/1000 m2 . Apply it in hydroponic crops at rate of 100 gm/1000 m2 .

    Packing Available:

    0.5kg, 1Kg, 5kg, 10Kg, 25Kg